AdReads with Author Cameron Day

AdReads with Author Cameron Day

AdReads from AAF Nebraska is a virtual book club and happy hour, where we talk about books about advertising via Zoom meetings. 

Our seventh session on January 27th from 5 to 5:45 will be moderated by David Moore and Aubrey Schieuer. 

Author: Cameron Day will be joining us for the book discussion
Book Title: Chew with your Mind Open

Creative Director/Writer/Brand Strategist

Cameron Day is a Creative Director/writer/brand strategist who most recently served as Chief Creative Mentor of Amelié Company in Denver, Colorado, before returning to his five-acre slice of hill country heaven to start Two-headed Cam with his son, also a writer. Cameron has written an Advertising Survival Guide and will being join us on January 27th for AdReads. He freelances solo and otherwise, guest lectures, and works on vintage American hot rods for fun.

You can order the book through Amazon (there is a Kindle edition) or order directly from Cameron


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