AdReads with Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk

AdReads with Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk

AdReads from AAF Nebraska is a virtual book club, happy hour, and professional development hour where we talk about books about advertising via Zoom meetings. 

Our eleventh session on January 12th from 5 to 6:00 pm will be moderated by David Moore and Aubrey Schieuer with Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk presenting.

Authors: Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk will be joining us for the book discussion
Book Title: Darling You Can’t Do Both and other Noise to Ignore on You Way Up

“Kestin and Vonk have built their careers on unconventional creative thinking. As the team behind Dove’s Evolution video, they famously stripped away the photoshopping, lighting and make-up to sell real beauty. But after years of winning awards for rethinking brands, they realized that they wanted to spend more of their time rethinking the way we work-or, in many cases and places, the way our work doesn’t work for us, and especially for women. And so they tacked the problem in their hallmark style-by turning expectations upside down and shaking them. Soundly.”

This event is free to our members and guests!

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