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Creative Director


RCG is looking for a visual storyteller who has a knack for creating compelling messages and generating enthusiasm for new ideas. The right candidate will enjoy a fantastic culture alongside a team that demonstrates all the right contradictions: humble but confident; hardworking but fun loving; competitive but supportive.

Does that sound like you?

If so, consider joining RCG as Creative Director. This individual will collaborate with and lead a dynamic team of writers, designers and editors to deliver action-driving messaging and content for our clients.

We would love to find a creative professional who is ready to take their skills, passion and vision to the next level with a place on our leadership team. And, along with these talented individuals, continue and build on the agency’s long-history of success.

If you’re ready for a new challenge in a great environment, please send an email describing your unique qualifications along with a resume to Jim Svoboda at jsvoboda@rcgadvertising.com. Please also provide link(s) to digital work examples or online portfolio.

Posting period will close February 18th. All applications will be held in strict confidence.


Creative Director Job Description

This position is responsible for the overall supervision of the agency’s creative product, both design and copy. The creative director collaborates with the client, the client service team and the creative team to produce consistently clear, memorable and impactful communication. The creative director is responsible for taking strategic marketing plans and interpreting them into workable “big ideas” implemented through a variety of media.

The creative director, in collaboration with the traffic/production manager(s), assigns all creative projects within the creative department and chooses which freelancers will work on any outsourced assignments. After collaboration with the client services team on internal review of creative work, the creative director ultimately approves all creative work before presentation to the client.

The creative director is an active steward of both the agency’s creative and overall reputation. As such, he or she is expected to be a knowledgeable, passionate and positive representative of the agency for our internal team, our clients and our community.


  1. Directs the creative product at the agency and strives for excellence in everything from concept to completion of every project on schedule.
  2. Works closely with client service team to solve marketing problems through smart, well-designed communication materials that help sell products/services, and maintain a strong brand image for clients and agency.
  3. Supervises the creative/production team members, including review/approval of salary changes, time off requests and other day-to-day functions.
  4. Attends creative input meetings, develops creative strategies and either personally implements or directs the implementation of all creative requirements of client jobs including copy, layout, illustrations, final art and video/photography.
  5. Collaborates with traffic and production manager(s) to approve job estimates, assign creative team members/freelancers/production partners and finalize traffic schedules for production.
  6. As coordinated with client service team, presents and advocates for creative concepts, interim scripts/layouts/elements and/or final creative with client.
  7. Oversees and approves changes to agency creative that arise through the client review process.
  8. Develops and manages annual department budget.
  9. Interviews and screens applicants for creative positions as well as hiring, reviewing and, if necessary, terminating.
  10. Maintains current working knowledge of computer-related skills, hardware and software to ensure entire creative department as well as individual team members remain on the leading edge of essential technology and skills.
  11. Determines hardware and software requirements for creative department, advises on investment in same and coordinates purchases/subscriptions in collaboration with CFO.
  12. Promotes, authorizes and secures budget approval for any ongoing professional development or training activities for creative team members.
  13. Actively participates in agency’s Leadership Advisory Team, helping set and execute on strategies for agency growth and profitability.
  14. Represents the agency at creative/professional/civic functions.



  • 8+ years’ experience in professional creative position, art or copy background
  • Experience in productively managing team members
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve business objectives through powerful, simple and moving ideas and communication
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple priorities with accuracy and attention to detail


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to make compelling arguments
  • Ability to inspire creative team members to achieve excellence in communication
  • Ability to respectfully re-direct creative team members when they’re not hitting the mark
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Innate curiosity and desire to learn new things
  • Ability to navigate some fast turnarounds

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