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Marketing Sales Specialist – Sioux Falls

Not All Opportunities are REAL Opportunities! It can be tricky to
decipher what is a career opportunity what might be disguised as

One of our experienced Marketing Sales Specialists at Results
Townsquare MEDIA – Sioux Falls, applied for and was promoted
to our Digital / Video Sales Leader.

Now, that leaves a REAL Opportunity for someone to join our
Marketing Sales Team in Sioux Falls and work with established
businesses who DEPEND on us to help them grow.

We can teach you how to help businesses build their Brand
Perception and increase their revenue. We can teach you how to
build a creative strategy that will differentiate a business from
others, which will increase their revenue.

BUT, we can’t teach you DESIRE. You MUST already have the
desire to learn, improve and earn more. Because we care about
the businesses we work with, you’ll need to have CARING already
in your DNA!

For a confidential interview, call our Director of Strategy
Development, Chad Jacobs. His Direct Line is 605-373-6344.

Results Townsquare MEDIA – Sioux Falls is an Equal Opportunity

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