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Paid Internship – Production Media Producer

KOLN/KGIN-Lincoln, NE is accepting applications for a Paid Internship with our Production Department.

College-level applicants are welcomed, in an excellent learning environment for gaining valuable experience. Join the Video Production Control Room Team at the top-rated station group in the market! This is a live, interactive, digital Production position, with hands-on control of the video, audio and graphic elements, working in a unique, team-oriented, state-of-the-art control center. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work with Ross Overdrive, Viz-RT Graphics, Avid AirSpeeds and Harris Automation.

Are you among the best and brightest at your college or university and are contemplating what’s next? Stop waiting for “real life” to start and put your knowledge to the test. Launch your media career with Gray Television’s Future Focus paid internship program!

As a paid intern, you won’t sit and watch someone else doing their job.  Gray’s Future Focus program is an immersive experience where you serve as a valued member of our award-winning teams.

Not only will you walk away with an expanded resume and portfolio, Gray’s Future Focus paid internship opens doors to begin your full-time career with Gray Television.  Many of our current employees started as interns. Future Focus puts you at the front of the line for full-time job openings, armed with the training you received from your internship.

Interested in Applying and learning more? Check out the program description and apply here: GRAY TELEVISION FUTURE FOCUS INTERN

You’ll be able to choose your desired location and areas of interest.


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