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Project Manager

This position works with our Production Manager and team leaders to help insure that our Senior Account Executives’ projects are completed accurately and on time.

Department: Sales

Reports to: Senior Account Executives


Project management and administrative support for Senior Account Executives

Works with Production Manager and team leaders to help ensure that all the Senior Account Executives’ projects are completed accurately and on time.

The ultimate purpose of this position is to free up the Senior Account Execs from as many internal and time consuming (yet absolutely vital) tasks as possible to allow them to concentrate on increasing sales volume and profitability of the company.


1) Orders Senior Account Execs’ outsourced graphics and hardware from appropriate vendors, with the assistance of the Purchasing Manager; confirms receipt and accuracy of orders, confirms ship dates and track shipping as required.

2) Works closely with the Senior Account Execs’ clients to get appropriate artwork and build documents into production in a timely manner and set up properly.

3) Completes graphics, exhibits and shipping worksheets in our internal Control system and tracks progress of all projects through the assistance of Production Manager and Exhibit Managers.

4) Coordinates the “pull & prep” and shipping of Senior Account Execs’ display projects. This includes writing up the worksheets for the Exhibit Managers, hiring of independent labor contractors, communicating with Freight Manager the shipping information, completion of client’s show forms.

5) Aids Senior Account Execs in working with clients to track down all client-supplied materials that are to ship to a trade show, assists salespeople and exhibit managers in acquiring any other outside items needed for the client’s project.

6) Develop basic knowledge of all display lines in order to better service Senior Account Execs clients.

7) As a Renze team member, accept any other appropriate assignments as necessary to get a job out on time and keep our clients happy.

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