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Looking for your chance to make a real impact?

Firespring, one of the largest marketing communications firms in the Midwest, is looking for our next amazing human to join our team. We’re known for providing marketing, printing, websites and strategic guidance to thousands of brands, businesses and nonprofits. Our clients and partners count on us as a force in our areas of expertise to help them do more good.

See if this position sounds like your dream job. We can’t wait to find out if it could be you.

Job Description

Firespring regularly receives many requests from prospects and clients that require incorporating modern, cutting edge designs with functionality that serves multiple purposes and can sometimes be out of the box. Over the next year we will be working on projects that need someone who has an excellent understanding of the inner workings of WordPress and its many plugins, and who, ideally, is able to handwrite a plugin or theme when appropriate.

The projects that we will be undertaking will need someone who is keen at understanding and integrating modern web designs, frameworks and trends without breaking WordPress’s ease of maintenance. These projects will require the balance of many areas of web development like security, design, database usage, JavaScript, analytics and performance.

At the same time, we are seeking to continue to grow our team as projects evolve and new ones come in. We’ll need someone who is capable of being a thought leader, elevating the skillset of fellow team members and allowing each person to become a WordPress advocate and web development junkie.

We put a high priority in educating clients on ways to better achieve the outcomes they desire using technology, and we work closely to help them understand the tools they have and how to leverage them. As such, our WordPress developers can plan on thinking holistically about our clients and their goals and may find themselves working on projects that include things like email marketing and automation, website analytics management, prototyping new ideas or anything else that will take our clients and their projects to the next level.

If these things get you excited, read on.


  • Collaboration is huge. If you’re a team player, let’s talk.
  • We value innovative designs and development. If you have the skills, be ready to prove it.
  • Do you have a borderline unhealthy knowledge of WordPress, PHP and related technologies (JavaScript, MySQL, CSS/SCSS, etc)? If so, that’s a good thing. Familiarity with Git, other languages and the LAMP stack will also help you fit in.
  • You’re experienced in using CSS3, HTML(5) and JavaScript to enhance the world around you.
  • In the fight against perfection paralysis, you give your absolute best to meet deadlines, yet you’re still willing to release your project into the wild when the time comes.
  • You’re not a fool. You know constant learning is the key to staying on top, and you’re not afraid to learn a few new things.
  • Degrees are great, but if you can prove your passion to us, that will go much farther.


  • Experience writing your own WordPress plugins and/or themes will go a long way.
  • Experience using and customizing Gutenberg and Gutenberg blocks will go a long way with us.
  • DevOps skills are a plus.
  • Experience with other languages / frameworks
  • The cream of the crop will have an understanding of how to analyze and tune modern websites for speed, asset usage, accessibility and semantic structure.

Compensation and Benefits

  • SalaryWe recognize that our people are our greatest asset. We reward candidates who wow us by offering competitive pay.
  • VacationPaid holidays are a no brainer, but how does unlimited, paid vacation sound? Salaried employees of Firespring are encouraged to take what they need when it comes to time off in order to live their best and healthiest lives.
  • 401(k)Your parents preached about the importance of saving. Now we’re helping you get it done. Firespring provides professional financial advisors who will help you make a plan and guide your investments.
  • FunMillions of people go to work, punch the clock from 8 to 5 and hate every moment of it. That’s not the case here. We have an indoor slide, a game room and a group of people dedicated to creating activities and fun inside and outside the office. To put it mildly, we’re serious about having fun—and it reflects in our work too.
  • Giving back—When your employer makes it possible for you to give back to your community on the clock? Win for everyone. Every Firespring team member gets one paid day off each month to give back to the community in any way they’d like.
  • Miscellaneous BenefitsNot all benefits are about the Benjamins, baby. Some of the things you’ll enjoy while working here include unlimited soft drinks, tea and beer. And don’t worry about your duds—business-casual is the dress code here. Still looking to make your cubicle-shackled friends jealous of your new gig? Our company-wide social and recreational activities are sure to do just that.

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Firespring is an EEO/AA employer.

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