Centro began on, October 15, twenty years ago. Shawn Riegsecker, Chief Executive Officer & Founder didn’t have experience in building a company; just a dream and vision on how the right software could have a huge and positive impact on the global media industry. Seamless processes, better organization, increased intelligence, enhanced collaborations, etc. — they had an opportunity to improve the overall health and well-being of our industry.

After twenty years, Centro has officially changing the name of their corporation to Basis Global Technologies.

This change signifies our longstanding commitment and mission to develop a leading cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software platform for marketing and advertising. We are committed to providing our customers software and services that:

  • Positively impact and improve the health and performance of their business
  • Enrich the lives of their employees by equipping them with smart and powerful tools to help them accomplish their tasks and goals faster, better, and in a happier state of mind
  • Automate frustrating, time-consuming, costly, and inefficient processes
  • Provide comprehensive and actionable business intelligence at each step of their operations
  • Optimize performance in real-time, via proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, across all channels, devices, creative types, formats and buying methods

This is the next chapter for Basis Technologies.
Shawn Riegsecker’s recent blog post can be found here.