Creative Center: #1 In Nebraska!

Omaha, Neb – December 18, 2019. In a recent report, Michael Brown, a research analyst for LendEDU, recognizes the Creative Center, college of art and design, in Omaha, Nebraska, for possessing a perfect 0.0% student loan default rate. The Creative Center is one of only 119 colleges in the entire country, and one of only two Nebraska schools on the list.

The Creative Center credits their perfect student loan default rate to several practices. The college’s carefully cultivated curriculum balances both creative expression and practical real-world skills. Combined with classes that mirror professional settings, students are able to secure employment shortly after graduation, and in many cases while still enrolled, and to enjoy lasting job satisfaction as a result either way. The college’s staff is carefully culled from a pool of professionals with real-world experience in their subject matter and extensive teaching experience. 

The Creative Center celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 and has been recognized for a perfect student loan default rate several times in the past. The college expects this trend to continue in the future as their alumni persist in demonstrating passion and innovation in the graphic design field. The Creative Center is proud to train such amazing talent right here in Nebraska. Interested parties can contact Kim Guyer, the Creative Center’s Executive Director, at 402-898-100 ext 205 for more information.

LendEDU report: https://lendedu.com/blog/student-loan-default-rates-by-school-state/

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