In Case You Missed It: “RNC Spotlights Colorado Latino, Diverse Leaders in New #LeadRight2016 Ad Campaign”

Contributed by Teonne Wright, AAF Omaha Board Member

In case you missed it, see the below article where a young Latino, son of Mexican immigrants, living in the influential state of Colorado is among the focus of the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) latest diversity advertising campaign. To view the original article from LatinPost.com, click here.

From Pueblo, Colorado, Mario narrates two RNC videos — in English and Spanish — and speaks about the values he learned from his parents, who came from Mexico with only primary education but still chased for the American dream for the entire family.

“I wouldn’t be where I am at today if it weren’t for the hard work of my mom and my dad,” said Mario. “They always told me education is the key to success if you want to go somewhere in life and if you want to be somebody, you have to go study.”

Mario definitely followed his parents’ advice as he became the first in his family to graduate college.

Republican National Committee Building Its Latino, Millennial Engagement Outreach for 2016 Election

The Latino is also a member of the Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI), a recruiting and training program for individuals who will serve as leaders in the RNC’s field organization, where one can develop their leadership skills, build a volunteer network and engage others about GOP values. It was through the initiative that Mario met Jose, who introduced him to the RLI and to realize he has more in common with Republican principles.
“I joined RLI because I wanted an opportunity to be able to make a difference in my community,” said Mario.

The RLI launched in 2015, training over 1,000 participants, nationwide, including in key 2016 states, such as Colorado and Florida. According to an RNC statement, the RLI members add onto the thousands of RNC staff who will engage others for Election Day 2016, through volunteer recruitment, voter registration, signature collection and house parties.

“Our effort to win the White House is fueled by the diverse and unique personal stories that motivate each and every individual to get involved in the political process,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

“The RNC is going neighborhood by neighborhood, to listen to these stories from across the country and harness the energy behind each individual’s inspiration for wanting to make our country a better place. We only win the White House by joining together to take a leading role in our communities, and we want to share the stories of those who are already making that effort and encouraging others to do the same,” Priebus added.

In addition to Mario’s English and Spanish videos, the RNC also launched videos introducing fellow RLI members from Tampa and Sarasota, Florida, and Mike from The Bronx and Pierry from Queens, New York. The aforementioned RLI members are also part of the RNC’s latest ad campaign, titled #LeadRight2016, in an effort to provide a spotlight to its diverse leaders who have been working behind the scenes to win back the White House. The ad campaign, worth nearly $300,000, will include television spots during the upcoming Republican presidential primary debate in North Charleston, South Carolina, on Jan. 14, which will broadcast on the Fox Business Network, just two days after the State of the Union address.

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