In Case Your Missed It – Is gender equality in the advertising industry a “non-issue”?

Contributed by Teri Hamburger, AAF Omaha Executive Director

In case you missed it, Rochell Newman-Carrasco with Advertising Age, posted an article titled ‘Why the Ad Industry’s Divistity Strategy Needs a New Brief’ in Agency News: Viewpoint

Why the Ad Industry’s Diversity Strategy Needs a New Brief

In this article by Rochelle Newman-Carrasco we are directed to Ken Wheaton, editor of Ad Age’s recent column Black (Ad) Lives Matter: The Industry’s Biggest Diversity Problem on the positive role women might play in what is often referred to as the “diversity problem”.

Wheaton’s article suggests, the advertising industry has made some great strides on gender, but has the industry made strides when it comes to race? Wheaton also writes about Ad Age’s responsibility to cover these issues from a journalistic point of view and suggests those with hiring power and the budgets will help the efforts to right these wrongs.

Newman-Carrasco addresses Kevin Roberts (former Saatchi & Saatchi Executive) dismissing gender equality and refers to it as a “non-issue”. “We need to stop talking about gender and racial diversity as a problem. Our industry’s impotence when it comes to dealing with structural racism and gender bias isn’t a “problem,” because if it were, it would be fixed. That’s what we do in advertising. We design strategies to solve problems.”

Both articles share interesting perspectives and are worth reading if you haven’t already. Suggested hiring practices are only the tip of the iceberg.






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