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Submit Your Favorites for The Mosaic10 2023!

We want you to be a part of Mosaic10, the consumer-selected list of the top advertising and multicultural moments of 2022. We’re looking for your help to identify and showcase the most impactful and creative campaigns that represent and celebrate diversity, inclusion, and representation.

We invite you to submit your favorite advertisements, campaigns, or moments that stood out to you in the past year. Whether it’s a powerful ad that challenged social norms, a campaign that highlighted underrepresented voices, or a moment that brought people of different cultures and backgrounds together, we want to hear about it.

Your contributions will help shape the Mosaic10 and amplify the voices that are making a difference in the advertising space. Find the panel from 2020, here.

Don’t wait, submit your content today and be a part of this exciting initiative!

If you have any questions, please contact Erica Blake, eblake@aaf.org.


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