2017 Bowl-A-Rama

1484603108365Kerry Heinrich from H&A Media and her team took home the Bowl-A-Rama traveling trophy with the highest average team score for the second year in a row. Team members included Kerry, Diane Mumford, Tom Hoffman, Tiffany Yakes-Starr and Jim Starr.

Jennifer Keeffe from Ervin & Smith – rolled a 51, earning her the “Low Bowler – don’t quit your day job” award. Jennifer’s score was 11 pins higher than last year’s Low Bowler.
High Roller – (Kerry Heinrich’s team ringer) went to Jim Starr again this year with a high score of 246.
OBI Creative took the win for the T-shirt Design for the second year in a row.
Thank you to the Special Event Committee for orchestrating the Bowl-A-Rama and our event leaders Sean Heisler and Lisa Healy from Webster and Alli Carlson from Redstone.

To view more photos from the Bowl-A-Rama visit our Facebook page.


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