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AAF Government Report | May 2024

Proposed Nebraska Ad Tax Still Alive

Despite passing in an earlier vote, and the strong support of Governor Jim Pillen (R), the Advertising Services Tax Act in Nebraska was defeated prior to the end of the legislative session. The measure would have placed a 7.5% tax on all advertising services in the state for companies with over $1 billion in US revenue. One of the Governor’s motivations for the tax was to raise replacement revenue for proposed lower property taxes.

The industry correctly noted that the tax would have been passed through to local businesses in the form of either higher advertising costs or as a line item on the invoice for the service provider ultimately resulting in higher prices for Nebraska consumers. Read More

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AAF Government Report | April 2024

The Advertising Services Tax Act in Nebraska remains a threat. The measure, originally proposed by Governor Jim Pillen (R) currently does not appear to have enough votes to pass. Sources in the Capitol report that the Governor and sponsors are still searching for support. The tax would place a 7.5% tax on all advertising services in the state for companies with over $1 billion in US revenue. Read More

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AAF Government Report | February/March 2024

Nebraska Advertising Tax on Hold
February 1, the Nebraska Legislature’s Revenue Committee conducted a hearing on the proposed Advertising Services Tax. Following alerts from AAF Nebraska and AAF National, numerous advertising professionals in the state contacted their representatives to express opposition to the tax. AAF Nebraska Legislative Chair Robert Richardson attended the hearing and testified against the proposed tax and published an op-ed explaining our opposition to the tax in the Nebraska Examiner. No further action on the bill has been scheduled at this time. The legislature is currently scheduled to adjourn in mid-April. Read More

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Industry Insights from AAF Partners

Anzu: New Study Unveils the Power of Intrinsic In-Game Ads in Capturing Attention

3.3 billion people playing games globally and with the video games market projected to be worth $320 billion by 2026, advertisers everywhere are increasingly looking to gaming to help them make meaningful connections with hard-to-reach audiences.  Read More

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Insights from Steve Pacheco , President & CEO AAF


AAF Advertising Education programs are World Class.

Our National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC)—now in its 50th year—has one of the Worlds Most recognized brands as the exclusive client partner for 2024—P&G’s Tide will challenge our AAF Students to do their very best work on one of the biggest brands in the World! Read More

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AAF Government Report | January 2024

State Advertising Tax Threats

Legislation has been introduced in Nebraska to adopt an Advertising Services Tax. Sponsors seem to be targeting digital advertising and entities “that are doing business in Nebraska and whose combined gross advertising revenue exceeds one billion dollars.” Current prospects for the tax are uncertain. Read More

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AAF Government Report | October 2023

Digital Advertising Taxes

The District of Columbia Tax Revision Commission has before it a proposal to extend the District’s sales tax to digital advertising services and the use of data. AAF and AAF-DC have sent a letter to the Commission explaining why such a proposal is bad public policy and the negative impact it would have on DC businesses. Read More

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AAF Government Report | July/August 2023

Senators Turn Attention to Privacy

July 27, the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee passed two privacy bills aimed at teens and youth. The Children and Teens’ Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA 2.0), sponsored by Senators Ed Markey (D-MA) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), and the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) sponsored by Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). Both passed with broad bipartisan support. Read More

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SmartBrief | AAF Member Benefit

Our industry is one that changes at the speed of light. There is always something new to learn. AAF makes it easy for you to stay abreast of the latest and greatest impacting our group of innovators and creators.
One of the AAF Member Benefits is SmartBrief, a weekly delivery of the industry’s news straight to your inbox. Read More

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AAF Government Affairs Alert

As you know, multiple states have passed privacy laws in the first half of 2023. As a resource for AAF members, our partners at Venable and Privacy for America have created this document outlining the major provisions of each of the newly enacted state laws. These new laws are in addition to already existing privacy requirements in many states and add to the increasing complexity and challenges encountered by businesses and other organizations as they navigate the legal environment, and further underscores the need for a single national privacy law as supported by the AAF. Read More

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AAF Government Report: March/April 2023

AAF’s March 23 Advertising Day on the Hill was a rousing success. Forty AAF members from 19 states and the District of Columbia attended. They were briefed by speakers from the Federal Trade Commission and advertising self-regulatory programs and learned about the important issues confronting the industry, including privacy and data security and preservation of the federal tax deductibility of advertising expenses. Read More

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Insights from Steve Pacheco


My long time friend and colleague – John B. Osborn (a past AAF Board Chair, and a member of the AAF Board of Directors and Presidents Advisory Council) signs off all his emails with the line – “Onward and Upward.”  I always find this encouraging and inspiring – no matter what the topic at hand is or what we are focused on. Read More

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Mosaic 10 Entry

We want you to be a part of Mosaic10, the consumer-selected list of the top advertising and multicultural moments of 2022. We’re looking for your help to identify and showcase the most impactful and creative campaigns that represent and celebrate diversity, inclusion, and representation. Read More

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Learn with TikTok Webinar Series

Learn With TikTok

American Advertising Federation and TikTok are bringing you a three-part webinar series in November that will help you get your TikTok journey started.

From start to finish, you’ll learn why your brand should be on TikTok, creative basics and best practices to making engaging TikTok videos and how you can level up using our ad solutions and TikTok Ads Manager.

Consider this your step-by-step guide to success on TikTok and let’s have some fun!
Read More

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AAF Affinity Partner – US Pharmacy Card

All AAF members can now reap the benefits that the US Pharmacy Card has to offer. This includes the uninsured, underinsured, those who have high deductibles, and more!

Worried about the eligibility requirements? There are none. Don’t fret over applications, approval processes, or limitations. Everyone is eligible. Read More

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AAF Partner News

We are thrilled to let you know that our TikTok Inventory Filter has just launched in 25 countries and 15+ languages globally. The TikTok Inventory Filter is a new proprietary brand safety and suitability solution which gives advertisers more control over the environment where their ads are shown. Driven by innovative technology and informed by TikTok’s Community Guidelines and GARM standards, the solution offers a choice of three tiers of inventory to run adjacent to In-Feed Ads on the For You page. Read More

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AAF Government Report – April 2022

Soon after AAF alerted its Kentucky members to an ad tax included in legislation introduced by State Representative Jason Petrie (R-Elkton) Chair of the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee, the provision was removed from the bill. As introduced, HB 8 would have expanded Kentucky’s 6% gross receipts sales and use tax base to 39 new services, including advertising and graphic design services. Read More

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AAF Government Report December 2021

The Build Back Better legislation soon to be considered by the U.S. Senate currently includes language to give unprecedented broad civil penalty authority to the Federal Trade Commission. While AAF strongly supports the mission of the FTC, this new authority would go far beyond the powers previously granted by Congress under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act. In addition to being poor policy, we believe the provisions violate Senate rules of procedure, specifically the Byrd Rule, which prohibits non-budgetary provisions from being included in reconciliation legislation. Read More

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Advertising Ethics Certification

The Institute for Advertising Ethics created a self-guided, online professional certification program that covers ethics in advertising, developing an ethical organizational culture and legal issues. Advertising is “virtually the only profession without an independent ethical standards or ethical certification,” says IAE’s Andrew Susman of the need for the program. Read More

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AAF Government Report October 2021

The AAF protects and promotes advertising at all levels of government through grassroots activities. Our nation-wide network monitors advertising-related legislation on local, state and federal levels. We put our members face-to-face with influential lawmakers while encouraging self-regulation as a preemptor to government intervention, when appropriate of course. Read More

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Maryland Digital Advertising Tax Proposed

Proposed digital advertising tax regulations were filed on August 31 by Maryland’s comptroller. In simple terms, the proposed regulations would require companies that derive revenue from residents of Maryland as a direct result of those residents responding to digital ads running in Maryland to report the revenue derived from such ads, which would then be subject to a tax rate unique to each advertiser. Read More

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AAF Launches Fundraiser to Boost Mosaic Center Outreach

Creating an inclusive industry and developing the next generation of advertising leaders for the industry has been a top priority of the American Advertising Federation by way of its Mosaic Center for more than two decades. The Mosaic Center serves as a resource and advocate for the value of diversity, equity and inclusion and is committed to helping advertising, marketing and media reflect our nation’s evolving cultural makeup. Read More

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AAF Government Report July 2021

Reports from sources on Capitol Hill indicate a digital advertising tax has been mentioned as a source of revenue to pay for the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure bill negotiated by the so-called “Gang of 10/Gang of 21.” AAF members are encouraged to contact their Senators—especially if he or she is among the negotiating Senators—and let them know they should oppose an effort to tax digital, or any other advertising. An issue brief from the AAF supported Advertising Coalition gives more background on the issue. Read More

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AAF Grass Roots Network Annual Leadership Identified

Washington, DC, July 16, 2021—Each year, the American Advertising Federation welcomes new leaders committed to furthering the mission of the organization and advertising industry. This year is no exception. Three exemplary leaders and long-time supporters have been identified and look to impact great change in the coming year. We congratulate Larry Brantley, Tina Tsang and David Campbell on their new roles and willingness to further their AAF leadership journey. Read More

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