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2020-2021 Public Service Campaign
Refugee Empowerment Center


The Refugee Empowerment Center assists refugees who are transitioning from their own culture to American life. They focus on helping refugees live and work productively, further their education, and achieve a better life for themselves and their children.

Their goal is to empower refugees to integrate into their new homes and obtain the skills necessary for economic self-sufficiency. REC is grateful to the Omaha community for uniting with us in solidarity to support refugees in becoming healthy and successful members of the community we share.

In 2020-2021, the AAF Omaha Public Services Committee partnered with the Refugee Empowerment Center (REC). The REC assists in resettling refugees as they transition from vastly different backgrounds to American life.  Through numerous programs, REC helps refugees obtain skills to become self-sufficient and successful members of the community.

AAF Omaha’s Public Service Committee’s partnership with REC focused on growing their Refuge Candle business. The Refuge Candles are hand-made by REC clients, and their sales directly support refugees in Omaha and REC’s mission. The PSA Committee also felt that the growth of this business would bring more awareness to REC’s efforts as they work to help clients achieve a better life for themselves and their children.

The PSA will be filming and producing a video project that specifically highlights the candle business and the Refugee who make the candles, as well as redesigning their e-commerce site.  The production project will tell the Refuge Candle story and bring awareness to the business. The website redesign will create a better user experience and drive future and return traffic to the site.

To learn how you can further support the REC, visit their website at https://refugeeempowerment.org/

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