2019 BOOM! Roasted Recap

You can always say something nice, but it’s more fun to ROAST ‘em.

On November 7th AAF Omaha hosted the seventh annual “BOOM! ROASTED.” The event gave attendees the chance to be a little less-than-nice to Omaha’s Mr. Nice Guy Mike Compton, Executive Vice President at Renze Display.  The causal dinner and roast was also gave attendees the chance to toast this year’s Ad Pro Laura Spaulding, Manager of Corporate Communications at Bozell and Ad Rookie Jenna Baird, Account Executive, Bozell. Past Silver Medal, Ad Pro and Ad Rookies in attendance were recognized.

2019 Roast Mike Compton with trophy and gin


2019 Roast Jenna Baird & Laura Spaulding2019 Roast Bill Barnhart Greg Daake Steve Valish2019 Roast Toni and group2019 Roast Renze team2019 Roast Sean Heisler & Michael JohnsonThank you to the Special Events committee for a fun night at The Paxton Ballroom. Special thanks to Sean Heisler from Daake, Lisa Healy from Daake and Alli Carlson from Redstone for hosting this successful event, to our roasters for keeping the crowd laughing all evening Sandy Douglas with Crane Trust, Thor Rosenquist from Chemistry Advertising, Doug Buchanan with Renze Display and Greg Daake from Daake and to our emcee Michael Johnson from the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

Who would you like to see over the coals next fall? Send your roasting ideas to AAF Omaha’s Special Events committee.


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