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We are thrilled to let you know that our TikTok Inventory Filter has just launched in 25 countries and 15+ languages globally. The TikTok Inventory Filter is a new proprietary brand safety and suitability solution which gives advertisers more control over the environment where their ads are shown. Driven by innovative technology and informed by TikTok’s Community Guidelines and GARM standards, the solution offers a choice of three tiers of inventory to run adjacent to In-Feed Ads on the For You page.

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As part of this release, I’d like to share a few of the solution’s features and benefits with you:

  • Customization: Three levels of content exclusion control – Full, Standard and Limited – are informed by TikTok’s policies and the GARM Brand Safety Floor and Brand Suitability Framework.
  • Pricing: No campaign minimum ensures comprehensive coverage, no matter the cost.
  • Standard Settings: “Standard Inventory” will be recommended for every Reach, Video Views, and Community Interaction campaign by default, providing added peace-of-mind, but also customization if you need it.
  • Reporting: Post-campaign insights can be provided by TikTok, and the TikTok Inventory Filter can also be paired with Zefr’s post-campaign measurement solution for independent brand safety and suitability verification.

At TikTok we’re always committed to creating the best possible experience for our users, brands and agencies alike, and we’ll continue to innovate in brand safety and suitability to bring new tools to market that give advertisers peace of mind about where their ads are served. For more on the TikTok Inventory Filter, check out our blog post and our Help Center.


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