AAFO Membership Committee Update: Join Us!

April head shot 012013 DSC_6641Submitted by April Clark, Membership Committee co-chair

Greetings from your Membership Committee!

Once in a great while a position comes open on our committee… and due to job transfers and new babies… now is your chance!

Our Membership Committee is a very fun group that gets to bond with all the advertising and marketing people in the Omaha area. We get to invite them to our meetings. We get to talk with them about their hopes and dreams. We get to greet them when they take us up on our invitation. We have exciting committee meetings that involve eating and drinking. You get to be on the leading edge of AAF Omaha because our members are why we exist – and our committee is key to adding and keeping members.

If this sounds like a good time to you – then you belong on our committee! Our first Committee meeting with new and seasoned members will be in mid July. So call Teri Hamburger – 402.561.6625 teri@novia.net and let her know you are ready to join one of AAF Omaha’s premier committees – THE MEMBERSHIP Committee!!

New members – you know that you get more value from any organization you belong to when you get active. This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of AAF Omaha and get to know all our members. Let us know right away that you would like to be active in AAF, and that membership is your committee of choice.

We are working with Teri to contact members whose memberships are expiring. If you receive an email to this effect, please turn it into your payables department and keep your dues up to date. You don’t want to miss programs and summer activities because you neglected to re-up. There are putt-putt tournaments, luncheons, summer plans and many other exciting networking opportunities that you won’t want to miss.



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