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AdBites BannerHello all! The Program team would like to share the responses from the July 18th AdBites: Creating Inclusive Workplaces with Cammy Watkins of Inclusive Communities. At every event we encourage all attendees to fill out a survey as it helps our committee understand where we are succeeding, and in which areas we can improve. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Here are the quotes from those who attended and filled out a survey:

· Great insight, would love to have more information on how to address it or be more inclusive.

· You guys are killing it with programs! Cammy was great!

· Very good, it was eye-opening for people at my table.

· Very engaging presentation! Very well done – Excellent message.

· Made us think!

· This is such an important topic and the presentation was totally on point.

July 18, 2017 AdBitesJuly 18, 2017 AdBites group interactive photo


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