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Learn about the CARES Act and how it could help your business with new BBB online course

Your Better Business Bureau knows what a stressful time this is for everyone, especially small businesses that are just trying to stay afloat!

It only took two weeks for the last round of funding to reach its cap, so it is important for those in need to know how to apply properly and not lose out on this opportunity.

Our local Better Business Bureau (BBB) is pleased to share an online course with AAF Omaha . It was created by the BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest to help small businesses apply for the Payroll Protection Act (PPP). With the recent passing of a second round of funding for the PPP by Congress, users have quick and easy access to the most important information needed to get through the application process. This course is free, is only one hour long, and there is no need to sign-up or login.

A CARES Act and PPP Primer for Small Businesses 

(posted on April 30, 2020)



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