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As a reminder, the Media Innovations + Technology team knows that keeping up with the trade pubs and the latest trends can be both tough and time consuming, so we want to make it easier to find the articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you probably missed, but really should have read. Check out this month’s specially curated list below, and if you missed a past DIAL they are available on the Centro blog. Note that this edition will be added in the coming days!

 Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report [:15]

The much anticipated Internet Trends report is now available, clocking in at 294 slides. Check out some of the key takeaways that range from the slowing growth of mobile and internet users due to market saturation to a fascinating look at global adoption and innovation.

 How the Math Men Overthrew the Mad Men [:12]

Once, Mad Men ruled advertising. They’ve now been eclipsed by Math Men—the engineers and data scientists whose province is machines, algorithms, pureed data, and artificial intelligence – but at what price to consumer’s privacy (and the advertising industry) today and in the future?

 State of Ad Fraud Q2 2018 [:12]

Take your ad fraud knowledge to the next level by reading through what still causes it and what you can do to prevent it. Highlights – ad fraud is still at an all-time high and insane profits still come from ad fraud.

 Mobile Header Bidding Is On The Rise, And In-App Waits In The Wings [:02]

Header bidding enabled ad spend continues on the upswing thanks to mobile. Publishers are becoming increasingly more interested and experimenting in this area but some ad networks have been slow to adopt as they are comfortable with the secure spot in the waterfall.

 WTF Is The California Consumer Privacy Act [:04]

Now that the GDPR has taken effect in Europe, take a look at what is happening within the U.S. Later this year, California will vote on a privacy law that has already eared the ire of Facebook and Google. This act gives people the right to know what information companies collect about them but it does not require companies to get people’s permission to collect that information.

 IAB Tech Lab Unveils Transparency Framework For Assessing Data Segments [:03]

The IAB released a disclosure framework to help buyers evaluate the attributes of audience segment data. If this is adopted, digital media buyers will receive information about sourcing, age and any modeling used for third-party audience segments, data transacted through a co-op or first-party data old directly by a retailor or media company.

 Lotame Sets Precedent, Defines ‘Quality’ In Data [:02]

As one of the world’s largest data management platforms with approximately 65 data partners and over 4 billion cookies and mobile device IDs to date, Lotame recently rolled out 4 ways to test the quality of PC cookies and similarly also mobile-based data. The 4 components of data collection they are measuring are, ‘labelling’ (knowing where the data is coming from), ‘provenance’ (knowing how the data is collected and how it will be used), ‘accuracy’ (confirming that data points are in fact what they say they are) and ‘efficacy’ (knowing whether the data works).

 Amazon Test Ad Tool That Rivals Google, Criteo [:03]

Amazon is testing a new display ad offering that is threatens companies like Google and Criteo. The tool will let merchants selling on Amazon’s online marketplace purchase spots that will follow shoppers around the web to lure customers back to Amazon to buy. Amazon is an ideal place to advertise since visitors that come to the site are there to shop, rather than to browse like they would on Google or Facebook properties.

 Why ‘Stories’ Took Over Your Smartphone [:07]

While Stories themselves may be ephemeral, the format continues to live on and grow. The 9:16 aspect ratio has given rise to the vertical format for content (and advertising), and does not look to be going away any time soon.

 Blockchain’s Promise: How Blockchain Could Increase Transparency, Reduce Friction and Solve Audience Identity Challenges [:09]

Still not sure on what all the hype around blockchain is for? A recent eMarketer report breaks down why there’s so much interest by digital marketers around blockchain, what it is, and how it’s bring solutions (or a lack thereof) to various aspects of the programmatic advertising space. Topics covered include supply chain transparency, programmatic payments and identity management in a post-GDPR world.



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