In Case You Missed It- Stock Photos Don’t Do Your Diversity Efforts Any Favors

Contributed by Teri Hamburger, AAF Omaha Executive Director

In case you missed it, Grace Donnelly with Fortune.com, posted an article titled ‘Stock Photos Don’t Do Your Diversity Efforts Any Favors’, December 5, 2016.


“Why everyone needs a photo editor
The woman in this photo has had an impressive career. She’s worked in the tech industry, at a Fortune 500 company, in academic publishing, and for a Canadian regulatory agency — at least that’s the resume you could build with the company websites that use her likeness.

In reality, she’s a model who posed for a stock photo. The images used by these companies were taken in Heidelberg, Germany nearly a decade ago, according to photographer Willie Thomas. The woman featured in them has since returned to China, Thomas said.

Why talk about this now? In the course of other reporting, Fortune came across the photo on Corning’s diversity page and thought it looked familiar. A Google image search quickly confirmed that the image is a stock photo that lives elsewhere on the internet. Corning was the only company to use the photo on its diversity page.”

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In Case You Missed It

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