Membership Committee: Major Public Policy Changes

Jill Regester

Submitted by Jill Regester, Membership Committee Co-Chair

Some major public policy changes threaten to greatly impact our industry
this year as reported in late December by the Wall Street Journal.
Some of the issues on the radar include …

Tax reform. What’s fueling the fire? The race for the presidency. On the
campaign trail, tax reform is a talking point for every presidential

Privacy, Data and Security. Protecting consumers’ privacy and keeping their
data safe is very much on the radar on both sides of fence. Expectations
are high for Advertisers in terms of strengthening our programs that deal
with privacy and data considerations surrounding digital technologies.
Industry representatives are pushing for the 47 separate, inconsistent and
constantly changing data security laws to be rationalized through a
national uniform approach to this growing challenge.

It is more important than ever that we unite as an industry to make our
voices heard! AAF Omaha is YOUR club and your advocate for a host of
advertising industry-related issues. As one of a network of nearly 200
American Advertising Federation (AAF) clubs across the United States, we
belong to something bigger than ourselves that is both dynamic and

Your membership in AAF Omaha automatically makes you a member of the
national AAF organization. The AAF is continually working to improve and
better the industry we love, and is the ONLY grassroots advertising trade
association that brings together everyone in the advertising industry.

Please do your part in helping YOUR club grow and refer a member TODAY! And
don’t forget to renew your membership too!


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