Membership Committee Update: Happy New Year


AAF Goal Thermometer_ChartSubmitted by April Clark, Membership Committee Co-Chair

Your membership committee – Jill Regester, Terrance Martin, Greg Ahrens, Kathy McArdle, Jim Janicki, Lori Shields and April Clark – wishes you a very Happy New Year! We want to thank all AAF Omaha members who have recommended, referred or invited new members to events for your help in 2015.

Please, please continue to look around at your associates and your acquaintances and friends. When you notice someone that will benefit from AAF Omaha’s excellent programs and events – simply say “would you like to join me at _______ (fill in the next AAF event) and see if AAF-Omaha is a good match for your ongoing education in your marketing field?” Then offer to meet them at the event and introduce them around.

That is all there is to it! Easy-peasy. And they become addicted to AAF and join us.

We need to meet our 2015-2016 membership goals to keep our organization strong and full of interested people. Reccomend a new member and you earn a wonderful AAF back scratcher – as Greg Ahrens is fond of saying: You scratch our back – we scratch yours!

Happy New Year!



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