Membership Committee Update – May 2017

Contribution by April Clark, AAF Omaha Board Member and Membership Co-Chair

We have been hard at work creating even MORE benefits and advantages to your AAF Omaha membership.

• Quarterly AdConnect events are FREE to MEMBERS networking events with free food – sponsored by AMOBEE – in a social atmosphere to facilitate fun conversations. These events offer the opportunity to meet and connect with members you may not know – so you can get to know them and discuss ways to do business together! Many closed deals come from this great benefit. If you missed the one on April 27 at Dudley’s – then put August 24, from 5-7 p.m. on your calendar. We would LOVE for you to come!

• Get ready for surprises from your Membership team – we are working on a random, special sunshine GIFT CARD giveaway! Maybe YOU will be a lucky recipient! Keep your eyes open – it could happen at any time.

• You LOVE AAF Omaha…right?? Well, talk it up! Tell your associates in advertising and marketing about this supportive organization and tell them about the many good things you get out of your club. Invite them to an event. Introduce them to members who can help their business. Membership is ONLY $90 per year – a real bargain – so TELL people. Then let one of your Membership team members know so we can follow up : Stephanie Sullivan, Terrance Martin, Kelly McDonald, Robert Richardson, Lisa Conklin, April Clark OR Teri Hamburger. Heck, you might even be a lucky recipient of a thank you gift card – you never know!

• Finally, a favor we ask – If you hear that one of your friends is not renewing their AAF Omaha membership… talk them into renewing. Visitors are always welcome, BUT our organization is supported by people that join and are active members. We can’t exist without our members, and we encourage people to join and take advantage of all the benefits.

• Last but not least, we are starting a new way that all of us can notice and welcome our event visitors. Executive Director Teri Hamburger will be adding a special ribbon to their name tags. So if you notice a ribbon at your table – make sure they are having a good time, introduce them to people you know, talk with them, and make them feel welcome.

Thank you for your excitement and participation in our AAF Omaha club – we couldn’t exist without you!!



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