Partnership 4 Hope Selected as 2021-2022 Nonprofit Partner


The Public Service committee is excited to announce the selection of Partnership 4 Hope for their 2021-2022 nonprofit partner.

The mission of Partnership 4 Hope is to enlist and empower mentors and communities of support to partner with young adult former foster youth on their journey toward independence. They serve Young Adult Former Foster Youth (YAFFY’s). Every year there are 6,300 children in foster care in Nebraska and 260 age out without any type of formal guardianship in place. These individuals often face significant obstacles in their road towards independent living. Partnership 4 Hope attained 501(c)(3) status in 2017 and operate four programs that support the complex needs of the YAFFY’s. Each year they serve more than 150 former foster youth and their children.

The four pillars of Partnership 4 Hope include:

Youth Mart: This is a hub for home furnishings, supplies, and clothing that serves YAFFY’s ages 16 to 24 as they face the transition into living independently with little to no support from family. YAFFYs shop free of charge at Youth Mart for household items, furniture, and personal care items. Youth Mart also boasts Omaha’s first and only “bedbug elimination chamber”.

Truck Brigade: This volunteer group assists the Youth Mart Collaborative Agencies and their former foster youth clients by picking up donations, delivering household items and furniture, and providing whole-house moving. Unconnected youth often can’t find this kind of help elsewhere.

Mentorship Programming: This pillar works with carefully pairing up independent adults with YAFFYs for the purpose of a committed partnership. Our organization carefully screens and trains all mentors, matches them carefully, and provides ongoing support to mentors and mentees. If a mentor identifies additional needs of the mentee, we use our financial and human resources to help mentees maintain independence.

The Cole French Educational Support Fund: Less than 3% of YAFFYs graduate from any secondary education. The challenges they face academically pale in comparison to the challenges they face outside of the classroom. For an unconnected youth, a car repair, unexpected lab fee, or a minor health issue can easily and permanently derail their path to a college degree. The Cole French Educational Support Fund, whose namesake was a tireless advocate for youth, steps in to help YAFFYs by removing barriers and providing whatever support is needed for them to continue in their education.

The AAF Public Service committee is honored to work with so many incredible nonprofits, and this year will be no different. Stay tuned for updates on the scope of work and projects as they are produced.


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