AAF District 9 American Advertising Awards

AAF District 9 American Advertising Awards (AAAs) Message
2020 AAF District 9 AAAs Winners

Omaha, Neb., (March 20, 2020)
Thank you to everyone who entered work into your local AAF club’s American Advertising Awards competition, and for those who worked hard to produce a local AAA show, and for your ono-going support of AAF. We hope you’ll enter again next year. It is exciting to see so much great work from each club and the program is a significant fundraiser that supports all the things we love about our local clubs.

On March 13, 14 and 15, a diverse, accomplished trio of creative pros from Minneapolis, MN, Jacksonville, FL and Johnson City, TN joined the AAF District 9 Board in Omaha to judge 366 different professional entries and 66 student entries from across the district.

As always, the competition was extremely tough with talented entrants and great work throughout Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

72 Gold/Silver Professional winners and 22 Gold/Silver Student winners will be moving on to the National Competition.

The judges selected four Professional “Best of” designations, including:

  • Best of Show: “Bayer Advantage Multi-Layers Campaign” | Signal Theory, Kansas City
  • Best of Video: “Cheers to 100” | 160over90, St. Louis
  • Best of Interactive: “Holiday Coaster Collection AR” | Signal Theory, Kansas City
  • Best of Design: “Fling Craft Cocktails” | Whiskey Design, Kansas City

They also awarded 3 Professional Judge’s Citations, including:

  • “Soul Speaks Out” | Rodgers Townsend, St. Louis
  • “Just Like You” | Signal Theory, Kansas City
  • “For Their Future TV Cinematography” | Bozell, Omaha

The Student Best of Show award went to Elia Hernandez of the University of Kansas for “Susan B’s Packaging.”

On behalf of the District 9 Board, I congratulate these winners moving on to the National Competition, as well as everyone who had work that made it to the district competition.

Each winner has received a separate email (sent to the email address used as the “entrant”) from  aaas@9thaaf.org with information about the forwarding of entries to the National Competition.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns – thank you again.

Lisa Conklin | AAF District 9 Board Member & AAA’s Chair

2020 D9 Professional Winners Final PDF

2020 D9 Student Winners Final PDF




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