AAF Lincoln and AAF Omaha to Become American Advertising Federation Nebraska

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(Omaha, NE, March 23, 2021) –  Representatives from the American Advertising Federation Lincoln (AAF Lincoln) and the American Advertising Federation Omaha (AAF Omaha) announced this week that the two Nebraska chapters of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) will be merging on July 1, 2021 resulting in the American Advertising Federation Nebraska (AAF Nebraska). This union is to strengthen and grow the American Advertising Federation and both clubs’ mission across the state.

AAF Omaha’s mission is to advocate, educate, inspire and bring an inclusive sense of community to the advertising professionals of Omaha so that they, and future generations, can continue to do the work they love. AAF Omaha educates members, policy makers, the media and the public on the value advertising brings to our community. The federation fosters the highest standards of practice and cultivates leaders.

AAF Lincoln’s membership strives to promote greater effectiveness in the use of advertising and selling, to expand recognition of advertising as a profitable business tool and to cultivate a better understanding of the economic and social value of advertising to the consuming public.

AAF Omaha and AAF Lincoln are the two local Nebraska affiliates of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), a national organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. representing more than 30,000 advertising professionals across the United States. The AAF was founded in 1906 to promote, protect and defend advertising interests. The AAF is the only national advertising association that brings together all segments of the industry including the mutual interests of corporate advertisers, agencies, media services, suppliers, academia and public relations professionals.

Kelli Britten, AAF Lincoln’s president expressed enthusiasm with the union of the two strong federations, “AAF Omaha and AAF Lincoln have worked closely for many years collaborating on numerous projects and programs including the American Advertising Awards | Nebraska and grassroots legislative activities on the local, state and national levels.”

Daryl Anderson, AAF Omaha’s president, looks forward to both organization’s leadership working together to build the AAF presence across the state of Nebraska. Anderson stated, “this union will allow more opportunities for professional development to members, advertising professionals and industry students across the state.” Anderson said, “the past year we have learned to engage members remotely and virtually allowing us to offer programming to all four corners of Nebraska.”

Over the next several months both AAF Omaha and AAF Lincoln will be taking the steps to officially become AAF Nebraska in July of 2021. Nominations for the AAF Nebraska board of directors will be taken over the next two months. AAF Nebraska will be recruiting new volunteer members throughout the state.

To stay up to date on the union of these two federations, please visit aafomaha.org or follow us on Facebook.



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