AAF Omaha Executive Director Receives the Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award at ADMERICA 2017

Teri at the Podium Betty RiehlOmaha, NE (June 12, 2017) – Teri Hamburger, Executive Director of the American Advertising Federation Omaha (AAF Omaha), received the Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award recognizing her longstanding commitment and service to AAF, AAF Omaha and AAF District 9 on June 10th in New Orleans during the AAF National Conference, ADMERICA 2017.

The Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award was established to honor Betty Riehl, who was respected and revered throughout the AAF membership for her dedication to her job, her grace, good humor and caring nature in advertising and responding to member needs through her career at AAF. It was clear to the judges that, by virtue of Teri’s long tenure with AAF Omaha and the relationships she has developed with members, Teri embodies the spirit of the award.

Teri was honored to receive the Betty Riehl Award and to join the recipients before her who embody the qualities of the award’s namesake.
In her acceptance remarks Teri thanked AAF Omaha for the nomination and told all attending the Club Achievers luncheon that being nominated for the award by AAF Omaha’s Board of Directors and past presidents was prize alone. Teri congratulated all at the Club Achievers at the dias for their individual club awards knowing the the time and effort put into compiling award winning Club Achievement binders. Teri thanked AAF for the award and included the 20 presidents she has worked with, the 250 plus board members she has served, the thousands of members over 21 years she has become acquainted with and the many 9th District leaders she has been given the opportunity to work with. Teri noted that all of these club leaders and AAF members have a common interest to advocate for the rights of advertisers across the country.

Teri Pic with 9th D 2017 Betty Riehl



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