Dan Matuella Member Profile October 2014

Specialty Publications Sales Manager at Omaha World-Herald, which is probably a more professional way of saying the Manager of etc.  This involves overseeing the stable of special sections, new product initiatives, contests, niche magazines, suburban newspapers, see? Etc…

I’m a boomerang to the OWH, having started my newspaper advertising career here back in the day.  I had a short stint at The Kansas City Star for 16 years and then on to the other side of the state…The St Louis Post-Dispatch for about four years before completing the triangle.

Matriculated at Creighton Prep, Creighton U (BSBA-Marketing) and Rockhurst U (MBA).  If things don’t pan out here, then I think I’m about 1 ½ years shy of becoming a Jesuit.


5 things you didn’t know about Dan Matuella:

• Favorite AAF Omaha event to attend?  Omaha Advertising Expo

What apps are on your home screen? TBL internet radio, Omaha.com, ShopList, Hello Vino, Shazam

It’s 6:30, your fridge is empty and you’re starving. What’s your go-to place for food?  Dairy Queen – need the Dilly Bar (Warren told me to say that)

What is your take on selfies?   That dogs take better ones than humans

What’s the strangest client request you’ve ever received? “If we’re going to work together, then we’re going to drink together.”  Perhaps he pined too much for the Mad Men era.


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