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Claudia Martin Member Spotlight

Claudia Martin’s unwavering dedication to AAF began more than half a century ago when she was a young professional in the advertising industry. Her journey with AAF Nebraska has been one of remarkable commitment, service, and leadership exemplifying the values and spirit of our organization. It is with admiration and appreciation to share Claudia’s AAF journey with members. Read More

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Student Member Spotlight | Sophia Gilsdorf

Meet Sophia Gilsdorf, a Visual Communication & Design student majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing Management at the University of Nebraska – Kearney (UNK). Sophia is from Falls City, NE and will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UNK on May 19th. After graduation Sophia is planning to pursue a career in graphic design or marketing. Read More

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Membership Board Leaders Spotlight

Meet AAF Nebraska Board leaders to learn more about club activities and join us soon for an upcoming professional development program or event.
Our leaders along with Bridgid and Christina are busy engaging our advertising community. AAF Nebraska binds together mutual interests of corporate advertisers, agencies, marketing and media services, suppliers and academia. Read More

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New Member Spotlight | November 2022

AAF Nebraska welcomes new member Noah Kenoyer the Marketing and National Account Manager at ReBath Omaha. ReBath Omaha is a locally owned and operated franchise redefining the effortless bathroom remodel, from start to stunning. Kenoyer joined ReBath Omaha this summer after coming from Drake University in Des Moines. Read More

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Daryl Anderson Promoted to Vice President of Creative Services at Clark Creative Group

AAF Nebraska Congratulates Daryl Anderson!

Clark Creative Group (CCG) announces the promotion of Daryl Anderson on his promotion to Vice President of Creative Services at CCG.
Anderson recently celebrated his 20-year anniversary at CCG in November and continues to steer the creative ship with his industry veteran expertise….all while keeping up with the young crew.  Read More

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Greater Omaha Chamber Notable Community Contributors to Be Celebrated at Annual Meeting

AAF Nebraska congratulates member Janet Noll on the honor of being named the Greater Omaha Chamber Chairman’s Award of Excellence 2022 recipient.
As the Vice President of Flood Communications, Janet Noll oversees the Spanish sales operations for Telemundo Nebraska TV and KBBX Radio Lobo 97.7FM. She has contributed to the Greater Omaha Chamber’s President’s Club since December 2017. Since that time, she has sold more than 50 chamber memberships generating more than $47,000 in membership sales and retention revenue. Read More

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Student Profile | Noah Larsen | Creighton University

If you’re active in Omaha’s advertising community, there’s a decent chance that you’ve seen me around at some point or another. I was a participant in the 2017 Oath: Advertising Knockout (fun fact: I was in the same group as Abbie Perry who also recently wrote a student profile); I attended this year’s Meet the Pros and took the chance to meet more pros as a volunteer at the ON Brand Conference; and over the summer, I have taken on the position of Bozell’s media intern. Though outside of advertising endeavors, you can probably find me playing music (preferably with friends) or rummaging through the DVD bargain bin of your local Walmart. Read More

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Student Profile | Abbie Perry | University of Nebraska – Omaha

The definition of a “maverick” is someone who strays from the pack. Mavericks are independent thinkers and don’t always play by the rules. At the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I have learned that being a maverick embodies so much more. With the help of my amazing peers and mentors at UNO, my undergraduate experience has taught me the importance of values like excellence, creativity and spirit. Read More

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About AAF Omaha Member Laura Spaulding

Under Laura’s leadership AAF Omaha was named the AAF District 9 2016-2017 “Club of the Year”. As AAF Omaha’s Chairwoman, she keeps a watchful eye on all aspects of the federation. She serves as a mentor to our Education and Public Service teams, works with the AAF Omaha Chairwoman’s Council on chapter awards, and has worked tirelessly the past few years helping write award winning club achievement binders. Read More

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Student Profile | Sumit Jagdale | University of Nebraska – Lincoln

A little over two years ago, I was sprinting toward the U.S. Embassy in Mumbai, India trying to make it to my visa interview on time. No bags or electronic devices are allowed inside the embassy, so I’d locked them inside my car. To add to my woes, I’d been forced to leave my car in a no-parking zone. I had a thin, plastic folder in my hand, overflowing with the documents I’d been advised to carry to the interview. Read More

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Student Profile | Jase Hueser | University of Nerbaska at Kearney

My name is Jase Hueser. I am originally from Papillion, Nebraska. I have always found art compelling and invested much of my early years into music and drawing. I was pulled in by the duality of art, as it contains both an intellectual rationality and dense emotion. In my junior high years, I discovered the wonders of branding and typography. Understanding what makes a clever logo and more importantly, a successful implementation of an identity had become an obsession of mine. I was thrilled to discover that design was a vocation that I could potentially pursue. Thus began years of experimentation as I studied designers and relentlessly tried my hand at it. Read More

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Student Profile | Kristi Bolling | Creative Center

Recently, I volunteered to assist during the American Advertising Awards – Nebraska ADDYs judging day this year at SKAR. I had a lot of fun meeting professionals from across the country and seeing the work that was entered for the Nebraska ADDYs this year. I also attended Meet the Pros this year and significantly enjoyed the event. The speakers spoke of the hurdles they went through and how they overcame each one. There was a portfolio critique, and I managed to visit three pros, who gave me helpful advice on expanding my skills. Read More

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About AAF Omaha Member Erica Rowe

I have a passion for making things pretty – taking chaos and making it organized, beautiful and easy to understand. Graphic design in a nutshell I guess. As a Creative Director, I am passionate about helping others in their journey to make things beautiful/solve problems/succeed. There are always going to be challenges and hard situations to deal with but if you can face them with positivity and a passion to solve them together then everyone wins. Read More

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Student Profile | Carlos Velasco | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I had the chance to attend AAF Omaha’s Meet the Pros with the awesome support of our AIGA faculty advisor and professor Colleen Syron. This was a really great event to attend and I was able to hear some wonderful presentations, network with professionals and also most importantly get one on one portfolio and resumé reviews. My time as a student member of AAF Omaha has also been beneficial as it’s opened up the doors to other opportunities such as the National AAF Most Promising Multicultural Student Award, where the excellent professor and mentor Amy Struthers nominated me. I’ll get to attend the special conference in New York in February and network with ad professionals and recruiters from across the country! Read More

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About AAF Omaha Member Brooke Wittrock

My name is Brooke Wittrock. I am the director of marketing at Boys Town National Research Hospital. I’ve been with Boys Town Hospital for 11 years and honestly can say the time flies when you are having fun. I work with a team of eight incredibly talented staff and we are responsible for the development and implementation of strategic marketing campaigns that hopefully have increased your level of awareness of Boys Town healthcare services (aka: Boys Town Pediatrics, Boys Town Ear, Nose and Throat, Specialty Care, Same Day Pediatrics, and more). Read More

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Student Profile | Madison Siglin | Creative Center

While attending the Creative Center and enjoying my time here, I have really found my life’s purpose. I have developed my fine art skills – and now computer skills – over the past two years. This year will be my last, as I learn more of the business side of the Graphic Design field. The school has helped me to understand what really makes good design and the discipline needed to succeed. Read More

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Student Profile | Molly Rogers | Creighton University

After taking a couple of graphic design classes in high school I was certain about my decision to enroll as a graphic design major at Creighton University. As fate would have it, I had an Intro to Public Relations and Advertising class with Dr. Jeff Maciejewski. That same year, he prompted me to attend my first Meet the Pros. It was then that my love for advertising began to take shape. I decided to pursue a second major in journalism with an emphasis in advertising. Read More

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Student Profile | Ryan Lloyd | Creighton University

Over the years of being at Creighton, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to grow as a graphic designer with multiple different on-campus jobs doing the same kind of work. I’ve created a variety of posters, run social media accounts, and photographed and taken videos of events as the Director of Communications of the Inter Residence Hall Government. I’ve also designed many other posters and logos for different organizations and departments on campus as a graphic designer in the Division of Student Life’s Creative Suite. I even had the opportunity to attend the Meet the Pros conference put on by the AAF Omaha last year, which allowed me to receive a scholarship from the Federation as well. Read More

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bob Mancuso

I came to Mid-America Expo in 2005. Our Company produces trade shows, events, and festivals. The Omaha Health & Wellness Expo, the Triumph of Agriculture Expo – Farm & Ranch Machinery Show, the Taste of Omaha, the Nebraska Balloon & Wine Festival, and the Omaha Products Show for Business & Industry are a few of our shows. Read More

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Student Profile | Kerrigan Flynn | University of Nebraska at Omaha

With a softball in my hand and a mound beneath my feet, the diamond taught me life lessons I will never forget. Every time you fall, get back up. If you want something, put in the hard work to make it happen. Each pitch showed me accountability, confidence and leadership which translated over into my relationships and my career. At the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), I am learning the fundamentals of public relations and advertising to ready for the field. Read More

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