Five Things You Didn’t Know About AAF Omaha Member Brooke Wittrock

Brooke Wittrock 2018

Brooke Wittrock
Director of Marketing at Boys Town National Research Hospital

My name is Brooke Wittrock. I am the director of marketing at Boys Town National Research Hospital. I’ve been with Boys Town Hospital for 11 years and honestly can say the time flies when you are having fun. I work with a team of eight incredibly talented staff and we are responsible for the development and implementation of strategic marketing campaigns that hopefully have increased your level of awareness of Boys Town healthcare services (aka: Boys Town Pediatrics, Boys Town Ear, Nose and Throat, Specialty Care, Same Day Pediatrics, and more).

Before Boys Town Hospital, I worked for Heartland Family Service and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I served on the March of Dimes guild from 2014-2016 and have been a member of the AAF since 2014. I received my Bachelors of Journalism from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. I majored in Advertising with emphasis in Public Relations and I recently completed my Master of Science in Integrated Marketing from West Virginia University.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. We have a boxer, Bosco, who is 1 year. At 65 lb., he is much smaller than our first boxer who weighed 100 lbs. I love how great he is with kids, but he can be as messy as them, too.

Have you ever had an “Ah-ha!” moment in your career? Explain.

I have always enjoyed research. Strategy and analytics are my top two Gallup StrengthsFinder traits. My “ah-ha” moment was when I found the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) master’s program at West Virginia University. I looked for several years at different marketing programs, even considering a business degree, but when I came across the IMC program that emphasized research and analytics, I knew that was the perfect fit.

What was your first job?

My very first job was teaching learn to skate. I was a competitive ice skater and taught introductory classes for my club. It wasn’t a paid position. We did it to help out our club. We may have received free ice time, which I’m sure made my parents happy. The experience turned into a paid coaching position during my college years.

What makes a good boss? (If you’re the boss, what makes a good employee?) 

I am both a supervisor and employee, so I thought I’d answer both.

Good Boss: A good boss hires great talent, praises talent and gives credit back to employees. A good boss provides an environment where employees can shine.

Good Employee: A good employee looks for ways to excel. Stay current on what is happening in your field.  Speak up at meetings with new ideas or brainstorm with the team.  A good employee elevates his/her professional growth, which in turn benefits the company/team.

What’s your favorite commercial currently on TV?

Right now, I have to say the Dos Equis ‘Most Interesting Fan’ is seasonal favorite. It adds interest to the existing ‘Most Interesting Man’ commercials and humor for the college football fan. My favorite part is at the end when Rob Riggle (The Fan) makes funny faces in the background – like people do when they are behind sports reporters and the cameras are rolling. Makes me smile. I think it targets its audience well.

What apps are on your home screen?

Definitely a combination of me and my kids: Company Portal, Target, Candy Crush, a mirror, Facebook, Nex Outlets, Musical.ly, Sandbox, iHeart Radio, KidiConnect. HyVee, Cool Math Games, Dash Cam.


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