Five Things You Didn’t Know About Christine Dunn


Christine Dunn, Vic Gutman & Associates

My name is Christine Dunn. You might recognize me from volunteering for various events for AAFO for the past four years or perhaps I bugged you at one point to speak at a UNO Ad Club meeting where I was dictating- I mean leading for three of my four collegiate years.

After interning at two Omaha agencies and an event firm, I realized how much I loved being surrounded by creative people and was in awe of the work that was developed from my fellow colleagues. That said, I had a heck of a time planning and organizing events (either internal company events or client events).

Shortly after graduation I found my dream job at Vic Gutman & Associates, where I get to manage client’s marketing materials and help put on awesome community events for them! Before I craved the variety of workload and now I’m using my basic design skills to create a ticket or program for an event, being the official photographer for our events, do TV interviews during event set-up where my hair’s a mess and I’m sweaty as hell, to even calling an emergency when the star performer splits his pants! Ah… I love my job!

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies? Honestly, I’m a Netflix junkie. Rarely, do I have to watch my multiple shows alone since my furry friend Marley Mae (she’s a golden retriever) is always within two feet of me. I also am the glorified family photographer and really enjoy being a resource for family and friends.

If you could have any job you wanted, what would you do and why? It took a very long time for my teachers and family to quit pointing out just how bossy I was as a kid/adolescent. At some point, I realized that if you add a “magic” word before the bossy thing you’re about to say then it’s more socially acceptable! Just kidding. BUT pair that with an opinionated person and my dream job would be a life consultant!

What’s your favorite place to vacation? Screw Las Vegas. It’s Mexico baby! I’ve been fortunate enough to get two free trips (air fare not included) the past three years to the same all-inclusive Mexico resort. Not a week goes by that I don’t wish I was spending the afternoon ocean side with a mojito!


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