Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jenny Andersen

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.57.24 AMThis is Jenny’s first year serving on the AAF Omaha board where she currently is a co-chair of Programs. She is just getting into the swing of things, and is very excited to serve and learn. Jenny works at Nobbies “The Ultimate Party Superstore,” where time is measured in Halloweens, not years. Part of the two person marketing team, Jenny is responsible for all graphic visual communications. Currently she is whittling a third Halloween notch on her wacom tablet stylus, crafting the campaign collateral across all marketing channels. Jenny also teaches the fundamentals of advertising and visual literacy, and some other skills to graphic design students at Metropolitan Community College. Her career path has been colorful and full of interesting characters and projects; never a dull moment.

Favorite AAF Omaha event to attend?
Have to be “Dodge & Burn!” Actually my first true event, and already I am strategizing my game for next year!

What was your first job?
Lifeguard. I feel right protecting things.

What’s your favorite commercial currently on TV?
Eh, I suppose the one I have is successful because of it’s flirtation with the awkward: Skittles “Taste the Rainbow”: Synopsis: Two “pubescent nerdy” kids, a boy and girl are (questionably) behind the football bleachers ALONE. Boy has “skittle” pox. The girl asks if they are contagious AS she eats one. He stammers “no” as she breaks out. Commercial cuts to tag line “Skittles taste the rainbow!” Appeal in the awkward, the “naughtiness,” the contraposition of the nasty versus the yummy. Anyway, it inspired a laugh and they got it to stick in my mind! Well done.

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies?
Well, I do enjoy training Brazilian Jujitsu. Also we continue to pursue Spanish fluency in my house; I am an aficionada.

What apps are on your home screen?
Adobe, WordReference, Pandora, HBOnow


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