Five Things You Didn’t Know About Fred Thayer

Fred_Thayer-2-for-AdMuse-300x300Fred Thayer
Werner Enterprises

I am currently the Director of Corporate Communications at Werner Enterprises. Originally from Oklahoma, I graduated from The University of Oklahoma (BFA-Art/Advertising Design) many years ago and I am an eclectic mixture of old school, new school combined. My training and career path has taken me to Ohio, Texas and Nebraska; and has included a little bit of everything it takes to build a brand and manage it effectively. I am also a Native American artist, (illustration/painting) but it has been quite a few years since I practiced my craft.

What’s your favorite thing about AAF Omaha?
I think it provides a great opportunity to meet others that are passionate about our career field. Although, along with my department we have only been members for a short period of time, we have come across many opportunities to learn, share ideas and network. AAF Omaha provides the right mix of individuals to keep current in the fast-paced, ever changing advertising world.

What apps are on your home screen?
NETFLIX, it’s great when traveling. Words with Friends, for some brain exercises and Facebook, used primarily to keep up with my family and close friends. I’m not a twitter guy, nor do I intend to be…my life is just not that exciting to have a play-by-play.

Pick a Pantone color that best represents you.
Pantone 130. Impactful.

It’s 6:30, your fridge is empty and you’re starving. What’s your go-to place for food?
OSCAR’S! Cold beer, great wings and atmosphere. Been going there ever since I moved to Omaha over eight years ago. (OSCARS, this is not a free plug…there are some expectations)

What’s the strangest client request you’ve ever received?
Once working as a freelancer early in my career, I received a phone call from a gentleman asking if I would paint his wife in the nude. Not a “painting” of his wife, but actually paint on her. It was a strange conversation and very convincing. Turned out that it was the local radio station playing a joke on me (I knew the General Manager) and everything was being played over the radio. They replayed it all day. Turned out to be really funny…for everyone else.


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