Legislative Committee Update – September 2017

Nicole Schmoll Board Photo 2017Contributed by Nicole Schmoll, AAF Omaha Board Member and Legislative Issues Chair

While the 2017 Nebraska Legislature is in recess, there is still activity going on nationally and work our committee is doing locally. In this update, I’ll share our goals as a committee and a few exciting events that you are encouraged to participate in this year. Our focus is to be the voice of the advertising community to the state legislature, presenting a clear and compelling view of the benefits that our industry brings to our communities and the Nebraska economy.

AAF National Update

In the August Government Report, Clark Rector shared that Republicans are pursuing a lower tax rate for small businesses; the proposed BROWSER Act would make the FTC the sole enforcer of online privacy and could require large amounts of burdensome opt-in requests, which could negatively impact innovation and consumers’ browsing experience. As Rector reports, “The AAF believes that the FTC’s privacy enforcement, coupled with strong industry self-regulation through the Digital Advertising Alliance, has worked well to protect consumers…. The DAA’s self-regulatory approach aligns with the FTC’s approach to non-sensitive data and provides a flexible, innovative, and independently enforceable framework that keeps pace with the marketplace.” Separately, on the issue of food marketing, Rector writes, “the House has drafted legislation making appropriations for financial services and general government that includes language to permanently defund the Interagency Working Group and its proposed nutrition principles for foods marketed to children…. Previous appropriations have denied funding on a year-by-year basis. If it passes, the new language would make the denial permanent.”
Read the latest Government Report in full online now.

2018 AAF Legislative Committee Goals

EDUCATE Nebraska lawmakers about AAF Omaha and position the organization as the prominent advertising and marketing communications resource for elected officials.

FOSTER relationships with civic leaders and community partners.

ENABLE open communication between government officials and key members of the advertising community at the local and state levels.

RAISE awareness to members and non-members about governmental issues affecting the advertising industry through monitoring state and national legislation, participating in programs and keeping our membership informed.

2018 Meet & Greet Legislative Event

Each year, we hold a ‘Meet and Greet’ event in Lincoln to meet our state legislators and represent the interests of our members to them. This year, we are considering expanding the event activities to include a morning training for members on talking with state senators about issues that affect our community and early afternoon meetings with representatives in addition to our traditional late afternoon Meet and Greet event. We would like to get at least 20-30 AAF members and business clients involved, including those hailing from rural Nebraska communities.
Potential Town Hall Style Event

We would like to gauge members’ interest in the idea of a town hall around the topic of tax legislation as it affects advertisers and marketers. We would invite a panel of CPAs, Lawyers, Advertising Agency leaders and State Legislators and allow members to ask questions and receive insight on sales tax wording as well as the value we provide to the Nebraska economy.

If you are interested in participating in the Meet & Greet or potential Town Hall event, please let Nicole Schmoll know at nicoleschmoll@gmail.com.

We’d love to hear your input and concerns!


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