Legislative Spotlight: April 2015

Sheila1113-2-150x150Contributed by Sheila O’Connor, AAF Omaha Board Member & Legislative Issues Chair

Thank you to those who assisted with and attended the AAF Legislative Event. We had 12 Senators RSVP and a few walk-ins due to the day’s schedule. It was a great networking event with our Lincoln chapter and State Senators.


AAF Omaha received a Mayor’s Proclamation declaring March Legislative Action Month.

In part it reads, ‘…In 2015, the AAF’s legislative priorities are: recognition of advertising as an ordinary and necessary business expense, net neutrality and industry self-regulation and ethical practices, and …the advertising industry benefits the local economy by providing jobs and increasing client sales and revenue…’

Talk around the water cooler may include the ‘winner takes all,’ bill or LB 10 which proposes to change provisions relating to presidential electors and political party conventions.  Information and action on this bill can be found online at http://www.nebraskalegislature.gov/bills/view_bill.php?DocumentID=24709  The statement of intent reads, ‘LB10 reinstates the winner-take-all system for electing presidential and vice-presidential candidates, awarding all electoral votes to the candidates who receive the highest number of votes in the state.’ As a political science junkie and an indirect industry professional, I find this interesting and wonder about the potential economic and social impacts to the media industry.

Here is the Speaker’s priority bills for this year.

2015 Speaker Priority Bills

Bill No. Introducer Description

LB47 Watermeier Change provisions relating to anatomical gifts under Motor Vehicle Operator’s License Act

LB196 Campbell Change provisions of the Rural Health Systems and Professional Incentive Act

LB200 Davis Change distribution of sales tax revenue and provide duties for Department of Revenue

LB231 Smith Provide for regulation and operation of autocycles

LB240 Hansen Change provisions relating to a behavioral health pilot program

LB315 Howard Change provisions relating to Medicaid recovery audit contractors

LB317 Kintner Repeal the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact

LB325 Davis Change levy provisions for rural and suburban fire protection districts

LB347 Krist Expand the jurisdiction of the Inspector General to the juvenile justice system

LB361 Harr Clarify certain assessments are levied and collected as special assessments

LB382 Cook Change provisions of the Diploma of High School Equivalency Assistance Act and transfers

LB415 Pansing Brooks Change provisions relating to the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

LB452 Hilkemann Provide advertising requirements under the Uniform Credentialing Act

LB457 Gloor Change the Site and Building Development Act and terminate a fund

LB458 Kolterman Authorize limited lines travel insurance producer licenses

LB500 Howard Require application for Medicaid state plan amendment for multi-systemic therapy

LB539 Watermeier Change provisions relating to office of Legislative Audit and the Auditor of Public Accounts

LB540 Crawford Adopt updated international building code standards

LB547 Campbell Change provisions of the Quality Child Care Act

LB577 Murante Permit counties to regulate peddlers, hawkers, and solicitors

LB581 Nordquist Adopt the Nebraska Clean-burning Motor Fuel Development Act

LB591 Bolz Create achieve a better life experience program and provide for adjustments to taxable income

LB605 Mello Change provisions relating to criminal records and restitution

LB607 Mello Adopt the Home Care Consumer Bill of Rights Act

LB642 Garrett Change provisions relating to motorboat, motor vehicle, and trailer registration and titling

If there are legislative items you are interested in learning more about, please let me know and I’ll be happy to research them.


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