Legislative Spotlight – February

Tammy_Williams_2015_cropContributed by Tammy Williams, AAF Omaha Board Member and Legislative Issues Chair

Happening at the National level
The Legislative Issues Committee continues to follow developments that could impact advertising and communication decisions locally. Here is recent coverage following President Trump’s travel ban and statements issued by some of the industry’s largest holding companies.

Holding Companies Speak Out On Trump’s Travel Ban
Jan. 30, 2017

Ad Agencies Ask Congress to Overturn Broadband Privacy Ruling
Jan. 27, 2017
The advertising industry is continuing to fight the FCC’s Broadband Privacy Ruling issued in October 2016, which is being reported as “unprecedented, misguided and extremely harmful” given that browser and app user data does not constitute sensitive, personal information. The ruling could limit targeting of services by broadband companies and its advertisers and will continue to be followed closely. Read more below…

Happening at the State and Local levels
Nebraska legislators hope Internet sales tax proposals will help narrow budget gap, decrease income taxes
Feb. 2, 2017

In late January, Nebraska State Senator Jim Smith announced his sponsorship of two bills aimed at collecting sales taxes from Internet retailers. The Chair of the Revenue Committee, Smith stated the committee heard an avalanche of support for two bills that seek to force Internet retailers from other states to begin collecting sales taxes owed on purchases by Nebraskans. Smith is hopeful 2017 may be the year to begin comprehensive tax reform and a potential reduction of the state’s top income tax rate.

Read more….

Additional information on the Nebraska Legislature and key dates:
• The session will last 90 legislative days and is tentatively scheduled to adjourn June 2.
• A complete list of bills introduced thus far is available at http://nebraskalegislature.gov/

Reminder: March brings industry engagements to the forefront
March is Legislative Action Month. AAF Omaha, in partnership with AAF Lincoln, will host a Legislative Meet ‘n Greet session with Nebraska lawmakers on Thursday, March 2, 2017. Nebraska representatives from AAF will also participate in “Ad Day on the Hill,” the national club’s session to advance policies and concerns facing the advertising community at the national level. Stay tuned to AdMuse for more information on these two important upcoming events.

The Legislative Issues Committee will continue to follow national issues, the State’s Unicameral Update and local news stories pertinent to advertising, communications and public relations industries and report on further developments in future issues of AdMuse.


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