Legislative Spotlight: May 2015

Sheila1113-2-150x150Contributed by Sheila O’Connor, AAF Omaha Board Member & Legislative Issues Chair

There are less than 25 working days remaining in the Nebraska Legislature’s 90-day session. From now until the scheduled June 5 sine die adjournment, senators will devote much of their attention to the state budget. Under the Unicameral’s rules, the biennial budget must be placed on General File no later than April 28 (the 70th legislative day), while all appropriations bills must be passed no later than May 14 (the 80th legislative day).

With around 200 bills still on first- or second-round consideration, and with contentious social issues before the Legislature, it has become less likely that senators will be able to debate all the measures designated as priorities. Beginning April 28, however, senators will start their “late night sessions,” in which debate is expected to continue until 8:30 p.m. or beyond.


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