Legislative Update – June 2016

Sheila1113-2-150x150Contributed by Sheila O’Connor, AAF Omaha Board Member & Legislative Issues Chair

A quick look at the roster of state senators suggests that at least 30 of the 49 members of next year’s Legislature will be rookies or senators who have served no more than two years. That number could climb higher as it does not include five incumbents who finished second in the primary election.

The loss of legislative leaders next year will be deep: Speaker of the Legislature and the chairmen or chairwomen of key committees: Appropriations, Revenue, Education and Health and Human Services.

In addition, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee finished far behind his primary election opponent in the primary.

Some senators may be considering other political opportunities as the Legislature meets, including the office of state treasurer, which will be opened by term limits.

Other potential State Capitol opportunities will be determined by re-election decisions made by incumbents. It will be a 90-day legislative session with lots of competing agendas and a limited storehouse of institutional knowledge.


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