Penny Hatchell Member Profile November 2014

Penny-Hatchell-Nov-2014-300x200Envoy, Inc. 1991- Present. I worked for Shawnie and Pat Higgins and Mort Mortenson who owned Walker-Hart Advertising and I loved it, but I got a job offer I couldn’t refuse in Dallas, so I left. Two years later I was back in Omaha and  knew I wanted to work for these amazing people again. By that time they had merged with another company to form HMJ & Associates.  It was a couple of years before there was a job opening, but I got back in…later on the agency became Envoy, Inc. but here I am 23 years later.

What is your passion in life? John Mellencamp…duh

If you could have any job you wanted, what would you do and why? Interior Decorator and Professional Organizer

Cats or dogs? Actually both, but I have two cats “Patrick and Steven” who act like dogs.  They greet me at the door every night, they come when they’re called and they fetch.

Have you ever had an “Ah-ha!” moment in your career?  My ah-hah moment happened when I was living in Dallas (circa 1986).  I was interviewing with a company for a production manager position.  They explained to me they had 9 branch offices scattered across the U.S. and each office farmed out their artwork to design agencies. They wanted to hire someone to bring all of that into one location utilizing this new technology called Desktop Publishing.  They said I would need to find office space, go to this training facility to learn this new technology, then purchase all the equipment, hire and train the staff and establish new processes to make all of this work.  Oh and they wanted all of this done in one year. I politely turned this position down and told them this was way over my head. They wouldn’t take no for an answer and after many persistent phone calls, I accepted.  I thought, wow if this company has that much faith in me, I can’t refuse this job.  I’d have to face my fear of failing. The job was frustrating as hell, it was exciting as hell…so many days of one step forward and two steps back.  I spent many nights sleeping on my office floor…but I’ll never forget that feeling of accomplishing something bigger than myself. My ah-hah moment was realizing I was the one holding myself back…and failure’s not a deal breaker, just pick yourself up and try, try again! Oh and by the way…I did this in nine months.

What’s your favorite place to vacation? Torn between New Zealand and Puerto Vallarta

Favorite AAF event to attend? I’ve always liked AdWars.

What makes a good employee? Someone who’s ambitious, self starter, fun (funny is a plus) and must play well with others

Favorite Band: John Mellencamp baby!

What apps are on your home screen? Shazam, Viber, Couchsurfing, Pandora, Facebook, Bandsintown, Houzz, Pinterest, LinkedIn


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