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Abbie Perry
University of Nebraska – Omaha
AAF Omaha Member
2018 AAF Omaha Scholarship Winner


The definition of a “maverick” is someone who strays from the pack. Mavericks are independent thinkers and don’t always play by the rules. At the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I have learned that being a maverick embodies so much more. With the help of my amazing peers and mentors at UNO, my undergraduate experience has taught me the importance of values like excellence, creativity and spirit.

My first semester of college, I eagerly walked onto campus ready to join MavForensics, UNO’s nationally-ranked competitive speech team. Our team mantra is to strive for excellence in everything we do, not just public speaking. After three years, two individual state championships and a national runner-up title, I am honored to have the opportunity to compete for one of UNO’s most successful programs for one more year.

Involvement in other diverse activities on campus has helped me grow as a creative. Membership in UNO’s Ad Club and AAF Omaha gave me the chance to participate in the Oath Advertising Competition, help plan UNO’s Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials Panel and attend Meet the Pros 2018. I’m continuously inspired by the ability to express my creativity through so many different outlets within the multifaceted advertising field.

Learning how to wear many different hats is just one of the perks about going into advertising. I have fostered skills in social media, copywriting, graphic design, web development and more by interning for the Health Mello for Mayor campaign, Encounter Telehealth and MaverickPR, UNO’s student-run public relations firm. This summer, I look forward to working as the search engine optimization and ecommerce intern at Oriental Trading Company.

Thanks to all of these valuable experiences, I’m proud to call myself a maverick. Wherever I end up, I plan to take the independent thinking and free spirit of the maverick with me.



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