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Kristi Bolling Creative Center Student 2018

Kristi Bolling
Creative Center
AAF Omaha Student Member

Hello. This is Kristi Bolling of Papillion, Nebraska. I am a current student at the Creative Center in Omaha. I have learned much since my time coming here, and I have enjoyed every bit of it. It’s a specialized school for graphic designers to earn an associate degree in two and a bachelor in three years. The start of my time in Creative Center was a bit rough. My family was going through difficult time with the news we had received about a dear loved one. The teachers kept tabs on me and made sure I got the help I needed to make it through that frightening time. I’ve only missed one day of school for personal reasons, earned an associate my second year and the title of valedictorian in 2017, and I am currently working on my bachelors. It’s hard work to get into this school, and it’s the hard work that’s gotten me through it. Creative Center has taught me much since coming here.
Recently, I volunteered to assist during the American Advertising Awards – Nebraska ADDYs judging day this year at SKAR. I had a lot of fun meeting professionals from across the country and seeing the work that was entered for the Nebraska ADDYs this year. I also attended Meet the Pros this year and significantly enjoyed the event. The speakers spoke of the hurdles they went through and how they overcame each one. There was a portfolio critique, and I managed to visit three pros, who gave me helpful advice on expanding my skills.
I don’t do anything “normal.” My mind is a “ring of fire,” meaning it never stops burning with ideas. One example of this would be a package design for some headphones. The box is a traditional box, but with an added feature. It has a plastic pyramid on top with the tip cut off. Place this on the phone with an image on four sides, and you have a hologram. Creating designs with some flare is a way to keep my mind from overloading. Graphic design is a way for me to get my creativity out and use it in the real world. Otherwise, I feel like a bouncy ball inside a box. I am also a Special Editor for a non-profit called Fine Lines where we get writing submissions and publish the books quarterly. I’ve been apart of Fine Lines for over eight years and published over ten times myself. I have many talents from art to writing to making jewelry. I have no limits to what I can create with my hands.


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