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Paige Nelson
University of Nebraska Omaha
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I am a marketing and management major, and my first internship this summer was with a technology company called CSG International. I never thought I would go into technology, but after this internship I realize that I am hungry to learn more about the everchanging ways of technology and how to market it. The new technology I have faced in CSG International has been informative for me, and the culture of the company is something that I never expected.

When you think of a technology company, you might think that employees are introverted or shy or that the company might be cold and strict. But this isn’t the case at all. Employees are happy, willing to teach, and love their job. You could describe CSG International as one big family. If I have any questions or if I need assistance with something, many people are willing to offer suggestions and expertise. Even after assisting me, they will follow up to make sure that I am satisfied with the help I received. The people are what makes CSG International a great company to work for, and I have been lucky enough to network with many of them.

Networking is a term that has stuck out to me the most during my summer internship at CSG Internal. Everyone within the company says to never let an opportunity to network with an individual slip away. All the interns meet weekly for a discussion with a CSG international executive; anytime executives invite us to connect with them, I jump right on the opportunity. Being able to add company executives to your LinkedIn network was very exciting, I felt like geeking out when I was offered to connect. Working with CSG International has allowed me to network with executives, managers, employees, and other interns within the company. I found that at times this saying is true, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

After this internship, I will return to school in the fall at the University of Nebraska Omaha as a junior. I will be continuing my position as VP of Marketing and Promotion in the Student Marketing Association and will also be actively involved in the UNO AAF Advertising Club. I will also be a ballroom dancer in the UNO Dance Club, hoping to improve my form and learn new dances. Alongside these clubs, I will be volunteering as much as my schedule allows. I love volunteering and take pride in helping others by assisting them with any activities that need completed.

I am at an exciting time in my life where I am active and involved. I would like to continue learning new things and meeting new people. AAF Omaha and Teri Hamburger have given me an amazing opportunity to continue learning new things and meet new people by becoming a Student Ambassador for the monthly AdBites meetings. My first meeting as a Student Ambassador was exciting because was able to meet so many new people and assist speakers with their pre-event needs for their presentations. I hope to continue to receive new opportunities and experiences throughout my life


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