Top 10 Items for Privacy Check-Up








In a recent call hosted by AAF Government Relations and Mike Signorelli of VENABLE, participants learned a great deal of information surrounding privacy policy, application, and process. Below are the Top 10 items to aid in a privacy check-up. Whether working to enhance your policy at work or for your AAF club, the below advice is worthy of a reshare.

1. Review your privacy policy, and update it as needed.
2. Examine the CCPA’s applicability to your business.
3. Engage in a data mapping exercise.
4. Review your form contracts.
5. Ask your partners what they are doing to address new privacy requirements.
6. Develop a process to respond to consumer rights requests.
7. Develop stock language to help facilitate timely responses.
8. Examine and assess your data security procedures and practices.
9. Contact Clark Rector at AAF National to learn how the rest of the industry is addressing the dynamic privacy landscape.
10. Stay apprised of new privacy law developments in the states and at the federal level.


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