AAF Omaha 2016-2017 Partnership with RESPECT

Respect logoAAF Omaha’s Public Service committee would like to thank all who worked on and were part of supporting our non-profit partner — RESPECT — for the 2016-2017 club year. RESPECT’s mission is to build healthy relationships using theatre and community collaboration.  The committee accomplished their 6 major goals for the year. RESPECT is excited about the future and continuing their success and impact in the community.
Recently RESPECT was named by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) an Integrity Award winner for 2016!
RESPECT was founded in 2000 by Dr. Patricia Newman, educator and child psychologist, and currently the executive director. She developed this community collaboration in an effort to educate youth on healthy relationships in order to prevent violence. Today, RESPECT has dozens of performances developed for various age groups that tackle topics like bullying, diversity, safety online, drugs and alcohol, teen dating, suicide and more. RESPECT’s team is comprised of actor-educators, who are some of the most sought-out theatre professionals in Omaha, and a small staff that manages the hundreds of programs that they provide each year.
For more information about RESPECT and their program please visit their website at www.respect2all.org
We would like to thank our Public Service committee members for all of their contributions!
Lisa Healy – Webster
Tyler Catania – Zaiss Co.
April Clarke – CAS
Cheri Duryea – Duryea Strategic Marketing
Kyle Giowoyna – Graphic Design
Marc Costanzo – Zaiss Co.
Kim Gawecki – Legion Digital
Stephanie Plenner – Designer
Bob Mancuso – Mid-America Expositions, Inc.
Rob Baker – Zaiss & Co.
and from RESPECT – Dr. Patricia Newman, Ilana Weiss, and Haley Haas
AAF Omaha received ten grant applications for the AAF Omaha 2017-2018 year.  The committee is reviewing the applications and will follow up with the the selected non-profit soon.



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