AAFO Membership Committee Update: Networking

Jill Regester

Submitted by Jill Regester, Membership Committee Co-Chair

In the August AdMuse, April Clark reminded us about how engagement is the ultimate goal of every AAF Omaha member – how every time we ask a member to become active in any way – small or large, that is engagement.

She also reminded us that engaged members are satisfied members, and satisfied members, stay members.

Another part of that engagement goal is engaging and recruiting new members. Easy targets for membership are the advertising and marcomm newbies in your department or office. Tell them about the opportunities your membership has exposed you to and how the skills you’ve learned through your membership have translated into success in your career.

Share with them that membership provides them with the opportunity to be around other people who love advertising and marketing communications as much as they do, and how energizing it can be to be in a room full of creative people who are just as passionate about this industry as they are.

Also, how the people they will meet through their membership will be contacts for life.

Next, but equally important is being engaged by keeping your profile information up to date on the AAF Omaha website … specifically your photo and bio. When you joined AAF you were assigned an ID and password – If you do not remember your login info, please contact Teri Hamburger at teri@novia.net. She will be glad to help.

Last but not least – as a paid member of AAF you have exclusive access to the member database – contact information for your fellow networking AAF members.

Again that access is on the AAF web site after you log in – www.aafomaha.org.

It is important to keep in touch with other members for both informational and networking reasons!

So to recap:
– be fully engaged with AAF yourself
– share your excitement and good experiences as an AAF member with all your acquaintances and associates so they will visit and join
– remember networking with others in our industry is a good thing
– go to the AAF website www.aafomaha.org and update your picture and profile
– remember you can use the AAF membership roster to stay in touch with others

Oh the joys of AAF membership – let us count the ways!
Have a successful month and be active.



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