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Omaha, Nebraska July 31, 2017

Twenty-five years ago, Fred and Melanie Clark realized there was only one way to quench their entrepreneurial thirst: to take a leap of faith and open their own agency.

With a concrete vision, a stockpile of inspiration and new opportunities emerging every day, they hit the ground running with help from a handful of clients. Although a promising future loomed on the horizon, the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss didn’t come easily or quickly. This was 1992 – the dark days of the digital age. Computers were simple word processors. Clark Creative Group’s current state-of-the-art video production suite was still years from conception. As the industry and technology evolved, Fred and Melanie allowed the business to grow and change too, while at the same time never forgetting their humble beginnings. Their success over the past 25 years came in part from understanding the importance of giving back to the community.

“Part of our mission in running a business is to be active in our community,” Fred said. “We have always maintained CCG as our guiding light to give back. We do a lot of work for nonprofits, which sometimes means volunteering to work for free. For us, it’s essential to do that. Contributing to the arts and culture and to the betterment of children, women and education grows our community and makes Omaha a stronger, more prosperous city.”

Ultimately, both Fred and Melanie agree that the rewards of owning a small business lie in watching your investment in good-spirited, hardworking people consistently produce measurable results for clients and success for the company.

With 25 years of business in the books, Clark Creative Group’s close-knit crew is as busy as ever. By maintaining a nimble team, everyone gets the opportunity to take on big roles and work hard on select clientele. Anyone who has ever worked with Fred, Melanie or anyone else from Clark Creative Group over the past 25 years know that they will accomplish whatever task is at hand.

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