Diversity in the Advertising Industry

Diversity PicThe AAF Omaha Board of Directors focuses on ways in which the federation can highlight the importance of diversity within the advertising industry. This year, one of the written goals for the club is to highlight awareness of diversity in advertising. This goal has been reiterated at every board meeting throughout this year and we strive to include a diversity element wherever possible in events and programs throughout the year. Through the club newsletter AdMuse we educate members about diversity regularly.

In upcoming weeks we will be working on two Education committee projects to promote and foster creative educational opportunities and programs for junior high, high school and college age students with minority and diverse backgrounds.

AT-RISK YOUTH MENTORING – Tuesday, February 28: AAF Omaha’s goal is to execute a learning experience that exposed high school students attending Omaha’s inner-city schools to career paths in advertising, graphic design, marketing, public relations and communications. A small group of AAF members will visit with more than twenty high schoolers involved with Youth Emergency Services (YES). YES, a non-profit agency AAF Omaha has partnered with in past years on public service initiatives, provides programs and advocacy to educate and promote personal and family development to at-risk youth. Our objective with YES is to bring awareness to youth seeking their services regarding the steps they need to take and the educational opportunities available in advertising to help them form career goals and to plan for their future.  In the past decade, YES has helped more than 5,800 youth escape a crisis situation.

EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH FOR YOUTH: In March, AAF Omaha will collaborate with Partnership 4 Kids (P4K) to provide underserved middle school students the opportunity to learn about a potential career in advertising and participate in the organizations Future Fairs program. P4K is a goal setting and group-mentoring program that builds hope for under-served students and helps them create a foundation for success from kindergarten to careers. Many of the program’s students come from low-income households and socio-economic backgrounds that pose a variety of life challenges the average student is not usually faced with, including language barriers, poverty and crime in their neighborhoods.

100 BLACK MEN OF OMAHA TEEN CAREER FAIR-Saturday, April 15, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.: AAF Omaha members will participate in this Teen Career Fair at Monroe Middle School. Our members will provide teems attending the career fair the opportunity to learn about careers in the advertising, communication and marketing industry.

If you have interest in participating in these Education programs please contact the AAF Omaha office at 402.561.6625 or email aafomaha.teri@gmail.com.



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