Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lea Studer

Lea StuderLea Studer, SCORR Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing Communications at SCORR Marketing, I lead the communications team, which provides assistance and expertise with copywriting, press releases, public relations, media, social media and trade show and event coordination.

Approximately three years ago, I was recruited to join SCORR. I knew the founder, Cinda Orr, from working with her about 12 years ago at MDS Pharma Services in Lincoln, and was thrilled about the opportunity to join such a strategic and creative team and to utilize my background in the drug development services industry. Joining SCORR also allowed me to complete a professional goal of working at an advertising agency.

What was your first job?
My first job after I graduated from Kansas State University with an advertising degree was in advertising sales. It was a challenge for me, and I didn’t enjoy it very much, but it taught me a lot of valuable skills that I have used throughout my career. I quickly learned how to start a conversation, build rapport, listen, present features and benefits and, importantly, close the sale.

Cats or dogs?
I love cats and dogs, and have two golden retrievers. Reddi is six and Ryder is three. They love to swim, go for bike rides and star in home videos.

What’s your favorite place to vacation?
The Rocky Mountains are my favorite vacation spot. I grew up in western Kansas and have a lot of fond memories of family vacations to Colorado. In the summer, I enjoy mountain biking, river rafting, ziplining, hiking and Rockies baseball games. In the winter, I like to ski, snowmobile and go ice skating.

Favorite AAF event to attend?
I enjoy the Nebraska ADDY Awards because it is a great opportunity to mingle with other advertising and marketing executives and see the amazing work that these professionals produce.

Favorite brand mascot?
I like Mayhem in the Allstate commercials. One of my favorite commercials is when Mayhem is a teenage girl driving a pink SUV. The commercials are fun, imaginative and memorable. The commercial creatively communicates that Mayhem is everywhere and you must be prepared.



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